Swing Gates CP-120 - New Product

Our new glass swing gate CP-120, a card reader integrated standalone swing gate, with built-in sensors to decide the opening direction.

How to choose a tripod turnstile for the application

Tripod turnstiles are very common nowadays, We can see them in many places in our work and life. Among them, it is common in scenic spots and construction sites. But how to choose a tripod turnstile to fit the application better? And how to choose the tripod turnstile to make your choice more cost-effective? We are going to talk about this matter.

Introduction to License Plate Recognition System

The management of vehicles is an important aspect. Especially for special parking lots, courtyards, government agencies, and communities, it is required to implement strict management of various vehicles in real time, strictly monitor their time of entry and exit, and register various vehicles (including internal vehicles and external vehicles). Vehicles) and identification. In large-scale fields, there are many vehicles entering and exiting. For example, each vehicle must be manually judged, which is time-consuming, not conducive to management and inquiries, and the security work is difficult and inefficient.

Access control system introduction

The access control system is also called the access control-entrance and exit control system. It is a highly intelligent, real-time control and offline access network monitoring and alarm management security system. Each authorized user holds a non-contact IC card, and the cardholder will enter the relevant door according to the authorization obtained. The system realizes the alarm function by fortifying the specific management area (alarm status). The system automatically reads the card time, door opening information, card holder, alarm information and other data for query and statistical processing and generates various reports. It is used in modern office buildings, banks, factories, computer rooms, intelligent communities, etc.

Wiring specification of security monitoring system

The wiring of the security monitoring system will involve many aspects. Because of the differences involved, most of the functions are different, and the cable types to be installed are not the same. Below we mainly focus on the wiring specifications required for the installation of some security monitoring systems. Learn it. The following is about the wiring specifications of the security monitoring system

Specific equipment of parking lot management system

One of the reasons why the license plate recognition parking lot system is so popular is that it accelerates the speed of people entering and leaving the parking lot. Because of its special function, it is currently used by people in parking lots of all sizes. So when purchasing a license plate recognition parking lot system, which aspects should be considered? What are its core equipment? The license plate recognition parking lot system and ordinary parking lot system are roughly the same in composition, but the license plate recognition parking lot system has equipment requirements Will be higher.

What is the difference between channel management devices

Access management gates can be seen everywhere in daily life, such as: the gate of the factory, the entrances and exits of the community, the guest room access of the hotel, and the entrances and exits of the most common subway stations. There are many, many fields that are managed by smart channel management devices. Among the many channel management devices, do you know the differences between them! Next, Zhongyang Machinery will take a look at the characteristics of these management channel gates with you?

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