RP-FC100 pricing computer

RP-FC100 pricing computer

RP-FC100 pricing computer set is suitable for parking lot-management room (toll booth). The charging management personnel use the pricing computer group to perform manual charging operation services. With the highest authority of the electronic key, the management authority can be changed to obtain vehicle entry and exit information, operation statistics, equipment monitoring, alarm display‥ and other information, providing automated, humanized, and secure management for the parking lot. ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

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Manual work

Place the parking ticket card on the desktop ticket inspection machine and perform manual charging procedures. The payable amount is automatically displayed on the computer or the amount display. After the driver pays the fee, the parking ticket card is retrieved for on-site verification.

Lost ticket

If the ticket card is lost, the charge can be recorded in accordance with the management rules, and the invoice card can be replaced for the driver to use on the scene, and the relevant transaction data will be automatically stored in the pricing computer.

Prevent non-staff operation

The system management password and authority level setting function restricts the operation, setting, storage, modification, query and other operations of the management personnel, and prevents non-charging personnel from operating, causing data loss.

Parameter setting

The machine has a parameter setting function, which can be optimized mode setting, and the central control computer can carry out remote transmission setting through the Internet.

Independent work

When the connection of the central control computer is abnormal or the system is offline, the remote system can still work independently on a stand-alone basis, and continue to perform automatic payment and appearance operations. When the connection is restored, historical data will be automatically returned.

Integrated license plate recognition

The license plate recognition system can be integrated to facilitate vehicle number tracking.

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