RP-KA130 parking barrier

RP-KA130 parking barrier

KA-130 parking space baffle is suitable for unmanned parking lot management, especially in the management of abnormal ground parking, which can optimize the parking benefit. In order to achieve the best stability, the baffle adopts a modular design to facilitate on-site assembly. And will maintain the work to achieve the highest efficiency, can quickly maintain and repair. In terms of safety mechanism, in order to reduce the impact, the baffle has an anti-collision mechanism design to provide automation and safety management for the parking lot. ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • RP-KA130 車位擋板

protection mechanism

When the baffle rises, it has a safety mechanism that automatically detects obstacles. When the mechanism has an anti-collision design, when an external force imposes an impact, the baffle drops, and when the external force is removed, the baffle will automatically rise.


Multi-layer powder coating, the body is thick, and the edge finishing process is round. When installed on the ground, the parking lot is safe and elegant.

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