Parking Ticket Dispenser Kiosk

Parking Ticket Dispenser Kiosk RP-EN100 is usually installed at parking lots' entrance lanes. When the vehicle reaches the induction coil in front of the entrance ticket dispenser, it is confirmed by the vehicle detector and linked with the ticket dispenser button to issue a ticket card or borrow After the vehicle detector detects the entering vehicle, it will automatically issue an IC card, which is convenient for drivers to pick up or the monthly rental card personnel can directly enter the venue. Provide automatic, humanized, and safe control management for parking lots. ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • Parking Ticket Dispenser Kiosk

Display screen

The ticket inspection machine has Chinese and English LED or LCD display screens to display relevant information and Chinese voice guidance. The commuter pass card is sensed by the card reading area, and the LCD screen displays abnormal messages, such as the card has not been opened, the time zone error, and the expiration error.

Ticket card capacity

The storage capacity of ticket cards is up to 500, which can be expanded to more than 1000 double ticket towers. When the ticket cards are insufficient, the warning will be output automatically.

Checking speed

It can be set to issue tickets automatically or manually by pressing the button. The ticket issuing speed is within 1 second. The ticket card after the ticket verification is automatically written to be invalidated to avoid repeated use.

Automatic ticket check

The ticket delivery agency is equipped with ticket picking detection. Invalid tickets that are not picked up and not entered will be automatically collected. Invalid tickets will be automatically added. They cannot be priced and settled, and will be transmitted to the central control computer for tracking and recording.

power failure

In the event of a power failure, the data can be stored for more than 200,000 records for five years, and the data will not be lost. When the system is offline, the ticket dispenser can operate independently without affecting the entry and exit of vehicles. When the connection is restored, the historical data will be automatically downloaded.

Abnormal condition

The machine has an abnormal diagnosis and display function, which displays the abnormal state of the machine, which is convenient for removing the abnormal state.

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