Vehicle detector-double coil (imported)

Vehicle detector-double coil (imported)

After years of testing and continuous research and development, this product has reached the industry's top quality and the detection is accurate without distortion. And obtained the certification of European and American standards. Used in parking lot charging system, access control card swiping, automatic control of fence machine, counting system, traffic light control, red light running on zebra crossing, light camera system, other automatic control systems...etc. ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • 車輛偵測器-雙線圈(進口)
• Built-in diagnostic memory: automatically record data such as coil interruption, fault, frequency, sensitivity, sensing value... etc.
• The status of the LED light shows power indication, sensing indication, and diagnostic data output.
• ASB automatic gain function setting.
• To avoid signal misjudgment when the vehicle passes slowly through the coil, 2 seconds delay output setting.

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