Speed Adjustable Car Parking Turnstile

KG-520F Microcomputer parking barrier gate is suitable for parking lots and driveway entry and exits. The boom barrier gate system is used to control the entry and exit of vehicles. It can also be used with payment station systems, ticket inspection machines, vehicle detectors, remote controls, and traffic lights. And other connection control, to provide automatic, humanized, and safe management for the parking lot. The elegant shape design shows a noble advantage. Multi-layer powder coating, thick body, aluminum grid rods with ivory white and red reflectors, can be integrated with various buildings, and show the noble elegance of the scene. ※ Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • KG-520F 變頻式柵欄機
  • KG-520F 變頻式柵欄機折臂
  • KG-520F 變頻式柵欄機細節

Multifunctional Microcomputer Controller A5-V1.2

The microcomputer controller has automatic/manual mixed mode switching and multiple independent terminal inputs, suitable for various types of parking lot planning, and has warning, detection, protection and anti-noise...etc.

On the way to open the door

Door closing signal memory during door opening.

On the way to close

The door opening signal has priority during door closing.

power supply

With 150W/24V power supply output processing.

waterproof level

With IP44.

Door close setting

15 seconds automatic timing closing setting.

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