High Speed Security Gate| Retractable Flap Barriers | Access Control System | GP-715 Exquisite craftsmanship and refined elegance The designer's creativity and the craftsman's meticulous sculpting give the simple appearance and lean body an extraordinary airy, shiny body that shines with exquisite quality, making all eyes unconsciously focus on GP-715. GP-715 speed gate turnstile can be installed at the entrance of the restricted area and can connect with an identification system, surveillance system, card reader, and ticket-issuing system ... etc., to support various types of space planning and application. The gate will open quickly after the user is authorized and limited to one person at a time. It is suitable for installation in government agencies, enterprise headquarters, office buildings, amusement parks, schools, libraries...etc.

  • High Speed Security Gate

Excellent performance

• The door action has automatic synchronization proofreading.
• With acceleration and deceleration control function, the action is fast and stable.
• The action speed can be adjusted, depending on the channel width, the adjustment range is 0.5 to 2 seconds.
• The output torque can be adjusted, and it has safety and anti-pinch detection.
• The machine can operate 100% full time, and it can be used frequently for a long time.
• With abnormal self-detection function, report to the central control center when an abnormality occurs.
• It adopts high rigidity precision reducer, connecting rod transmission, precise movement.
• In case of fire and power failure, the door is automatically unlocked and opened, and it can also be assisted to open the door manually.
• Current consumption, the maximum is 2.0A / AC 220V.

Smart Microcomputer Controller

With forward/outward/bidirectional mode setting, and multiple independent terminal output/input,
It is suitable for various types of site planning, and has the following circuit characteristics such as warning, detection, protection, anti-noise and RS-485 connection interface:
• Logic voltage: DC 12 Volt.
• Two-way access control, two-way travel detection, with abnormal intrusion warning.
• With anti-tailing detection.
• With reverse intrusion detection.
• There are three modes of control/prohibition/free.
• Continuous door opening signal input memory settings.
• The door is automatically closed for 1 to 30 seconds.
• The built-in machine provides an eight-digit count and displays the pass record
• With 8 groups of logic motion detection.

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