KP-900 Chain Gate

KP-900 Chain Gate

It is suitable for the entrance and exit of the driveway of independent villas or community gates. Chains are used for lifting and lowering to carry out legal vehicle access control. The appearance of the machine is exquisite, with the light and lighting design, it can be used effectively and safely. 1. With automatic lighting, when the ambient light is not enough or at night, it can automatically illuminate according to the solar terms. 2. With a red warning light, when the chain rises or moves, it will automatically turn on the infrared detector. When the machine moves, the infrared protection will stop when it is covered, until the shelter is removed, and the unfinished action continues. 3. If the vehicle collides with the chain, the safety bolt will break to protect the safety of the mechanism. 4. In the event of a power failure, the chain can be pressed down manually and lowered into the groove on the ground. 5. With hidden forced lowering emergency switch, the chain can be forced down in an emergency. 6. Use a silent transmission mechanism to minimize the operating sound of the gate machine. 7. Appearance stainless steel wire surface treatment, can be painted according to customer requirements, as a protective coating. 8. Each chain-type fence machine is equipped with a remote control host and 2 sets of remote controls (if customers have requirements, they can purchase additional remote controls). ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • KP-900 大門機(鏈條機柵欄機)

Provide users with a high degree of product stability

With non-fuse leakage circuit breaker, infrared protection detector.

Turn on night mode automatically

Automatically turn on the night searchlight, and the turn-on time can be adjusted according to the time period.

power failure

The chain can be lowered manually in case of power failure or abnormality.


Concealed forced lowering emergency switch.

waterproof level

With IP34


A red warning light is displayed during operation to remind users to pay attention.

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