Tripod Turnstile FT-320B RT-320B is a group of exquisite and flexible microcomputer three-pronged personnel control machine. It is specially designed to cooperate with the management system. It is placed at the entrance and exit of the control area. It can be used with the identification system, monitoring system, Online control of currency, ticket checking machine, card swiping machine and clock ‥. It is mainly used in low-level security control areas and is used with security guards or remote monitoring. RT-320B three-pronged personnel control machine has a normally open/normally closed mode setting. If the operating mechanism is set to normally open mode, in this mode, the operating mechanism remains in a non-locked state, such as when a person trying to force or illegally enter is detected , The machine will be automatically locked, increasing the traffic efficiency of the trigeminal machine. ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • Tripod Turnstile FT-320B

The Most Specified Tripod Turnstile

FT-320B tripod turnstile is one of the world's slimmest gates. Goosafe, with the spirit of professional craftsmanship and redefines the gate, so that the gate is gradually not considered an industrial product and can be seamlessly integrated into the office without any sense of incongruity. It is suitable for modern building materials to be considered at the beginning of the design to enhance the overall quality of the building and can be quickly integrated with building automation and smart building access control to achieve security, safety, and aesthetics. FT-320B tripod turnstile not only has an extremely thin and light body but also has advanced security features that can detect crawling, intrusion, tailgating, and other cheating behaviors.

I / O Interface

Plenty of  I / O support various types of application and space planning.

Entry Input

I / O Interface

Plenty of  I / O support various types of application and space planning.

Entry Input

Technical Specification

  • Power Input

    110 ~ 220 Vac, 50/60 Hz

  • Power Consumption ( NO )

    Standby Mode 7W / Working Mode 20W

  • Power Consumption ( NC )

    Standby Mode 20W / Working Mode 7W

  • Dimension

    1250 ( L ) X 280 ( W ) X 980 ( H )

  • Chassis Material

    Brushed SUS-304 Stainless Steel

  • Passage Width

    550 mm

  • Temperature

    0℃~ 45℃

  • Humidity

    0 ~ 85%

  • MTTR

    ≤ 15 Minutes

  • Certification



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