Parking Payment Kiosk Multi-Payment

RP-AP500 multi-payment payment machine

Parking Payment Kiosk Multi-Payment RP-AP500 is used in the parking lot-automatic toll payment area. It is set in the place where the driver must pass before picking up the car. It provides the driver with automatic operation and payment. Drivers can enter the license plate number or place the ticket card on the automatic toll payment machine to perform the payment procedure. Through multiple payment methods, such as EasyCard, All-in-One Card, Line Pay... and other electronic payment methods, the payment procedure can be performed by themselves. Retrieve the ticket card and payment voucher after completion. Provide automated, humanized and safe management for parking lots. ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • RP-AP500 多元支付繳費機

Touch screen

This machine adopts 15" touch screen operation and Chinese voice reminder to guide the driver to carry out electronic payment and automatic payment operation.


QR CODE device can provide various discount coupons and discount operations.

reduce risk

No paper money payment design can prevent thieves from stealing money, counterfeit money, counterfeit money loss.

Scalable (mobile payment)

Different mobile electronic payments can be added according to demand, such as Line Pay, Taiwan Pay, etc.

Scalable (electronic payment)

Various electronic payment ticket cards can be added according to future needs, such as leisure card, all-in-one card, love gold card... etc.

Extended patrol time

Two electronic paper invoice machines can be installed, which can automatically switch when there are insufficient invoices, saving time for reinstalling invoices.

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