• Slimmest Speed Gates Turnstile | Swing Barrier | SFZ-120 ( Black )
  • Slimmest Speed Gates Turnstile | Swing Barrier | SFZ-120 ( Black / Gold )
  • Slimmest Speed Gates Turnstile | Swing Barrier | SFZ-120 ( SUS-304)

Speed Gate SFZ-120

Speed Gate (Swing)

Slimmest Speed Gates Turnstile SFZ-120 / Swing Barrier / Speedlane / Flap Barrier

Exquisite craftsmanship and refined elegance

The designer's creativity and the craftsman's meticulous sculpting give the simple appearance and lean body an extraordinary airy, shiny body that shines with exquisite quality, making all eyes unconsciously focus on SFZ-120.

SFZ-120 access control swing barrier turnstile gates can be installed at the entrance of the restricted area and can connect with identification system, surveillance system, card reader and ticket-issuing system ... etc., to support various types of space planning and application.

The gate will open quickly after the user is authorized and limited to one person at a time. It is suitable to be installed at government agencies, enterprise headquarters, office buildings, amusement parks, schools, libraries...etc.


SFZ-120 University Dormitory



speed gate comparison


SFZ-120 security speed gates are one of the world's slimmest gates. Goosafe, with the spirit of professional craftsmanship and redefines the gate with its extreme 100 mm cabinet width, so that the gate is gradually not considered an industrial product and can be seamlessly integrated into the office without any sense of incongruity. It is suitable for modern building materials to be considered at the beginning of the design to enhance the overall quality of the building and can be quickly integrated with building automation and smart building access control to achieve security, safety, and aesthetics. SFZ-120 speed gate not only has an extremely thin and light body but also has advanced security features that can detect crawling, intrusion, tailgating, and other cheating behaviors.


SFZ-120 as a security access control turnstile, in addition to ensuring the correctness of the personnel, also needs to protect the personal safety of each user. Therefore, the SFZ-120 speed access gate also takes the safety mechanism to the extreme and can sense whether the user is caught through the resistance and feedback force between the barrier panel and the motor, and release the barrier panel in an instant. With the safety warning sound, warning lights to alert users of the machine's passage states, to reduce unnecessary errors. Through multiple sensors to sense the position of the user in the gate of the gate, so that the gate will not be mistakenly clamped user error. In addition, the SFZ-120 is equipped with fire alarm unlocking and power failure unlocking functions, so that the gate can be manually activated even in case of emergency.

Working Mode

SFZ-120 swing barrier turnstile gates supports free mode, controlled mode, and prohibited mode, which can be flexibly adjusted according to the site security level, such as one-way free, two-way free, two-way controlled, one-way prohibited ...... etc.


SFZ-120 speed access gate can be made of SUS-304 or SUS-316 depending on the site environment and can be optionally plated with matte black.

Security Features

With sensors formed detection network, cheat and fraud is not an option now.


Safety Features

Ensuring security without losing safety.

Safety Force Sensing
Safety Sound Alarm
Presence Sensing
Fire Emergency Auto-Unlock
Power Outage Auto-Unlock
Control Center Notifying

Controller & Interface

The smart controller supports several passage modes and various types of communication interface.

Logic Voltage DC 12 V
LCD panel for easier parameter settings
Support Controlled / Prohibited / Free modes
I / O ( dry contacts )
TCP / IP ( optional )

LED Indicator

LED indicators show the status of passage for users and will guide them through the gate.

    Passage is available ( front )
    Passage is unavailable ( front )
    Card reading is available ( top )
    Card reading is unavailable ( top )

I / O Interface

Plenty of  I / O support various types of application and space planning.

Entry Input
Exit Input
Fire Alarm Input
Passage Completion Output
Tailgating Output
Wrong-way Output
Crawling Output

Customizable Parameters

With the smart controller, parameters are simple to configure.

Opening Speed
Closing Speed


The product specifications, applications, pictures and information mentioned on this website are for reference only, and the content will be updated at any time without notice.


SFZ-120  Speed Gate Lane Configuration Diagram


Power Input 110 ~ 220 Vac, 50 / 60Hz
Size 1280 (L) X 100 (W) X 1000 (H) mm
Chassis Material SUS-304 stainless steel plate, 1.5mm thick, with stainless steel wire surface. ( optional : powder coating, titanium plating, SUS-316 )
Panel Material 12 mm transparent high-strength impact-resistant PC panel
Passage Width 550 mm / 900 mm
Sensors 88 pairs
Motor DC brushless servo motor
MCBF ≧ 1,500,000 times
MTTR ≦ 30 minutes
IP Rating IP43
Certification CE
The product specifications, applications, pictures and information mentioned on this website are for reference only, and the content will be updated at any time without notice.


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