Speed Gate Turnstile

One of the world's slimmest speed gate turnstile without the exposed pole. The cabinet width of all types of lane configuration is the same 100mm, placed in the business office area will not make people feel oppressed or bulky, can enhance the entire hall of technology and the sense of the future.

  • 100 mm Elegant Design
  • Smallest Footprint
  • Tailgating Detection
  • Support Wheel Chair Passing

  • Speed Gates Turnstile | Swing Barrier






The Most Specified Speed Gate Turnstile

SFZ-120 is one of the slimmest speed gates in the world. Goosafe, with the spirit of professional craftsmanship and redefines the speed gate with its extreme 100 mm cabinet width, so that the gate is gradually not considered an industrial product and can be seamlessly integrated into the office without any sense of incongruity. Speed gate SFZ-120 is suitable for modern building materials to be considered at the beginning of the design to enhance the overall quality of the building and can be quickly integrated with building automation and smart building access control to achieve security, safety, and aesthetics. 


With sensors formed detection network, cheating and fraud is not an option now.



Ensuring security without losing safety.

Safety Force Sensing
Safety Sound Alarm
Presence Sensing
Fire Emergency Auto-Unlock
Power Outage Auto-Unlock
Control Center Notifying

Controller & Interface

The smart controller supports several passage modes and various types of communication interfaces.

Logic Voltage DC 12 V
LCD panel for easier parameter settings
Support Controlled / Prohibited / Free modes
I / O ( dry contacts )
TCP / IP ( optional )

LED Indicator

LED indicators show the status of passage for users and will guide them through the gate.

    Passage is available ( front )
    Passage is unavailable ( front )
    Card reading is available ( top )
    Card reading is unavailable ( top )

I / O Interface

Plenty of  I / O support various types of application and space planning.

Entry Input
Exit Input
Fire Alarm Input
Passage Completion Output
Tailgating Output
Wrong-way Output
Crawling Output

Customizable Parameters

With the smart controller, parameters are simple to configure.

Opening Speed
Closing Speed


Technical Specification

  • Power

    110 ~ 220 Vac, 50/60 Hz

  • Dimension

    1280 ( L ) X 100 ( W ) X 995 ( H )

  • Chassis Material

    Brushed SUS-304 Stainless Steel

  • Barrier Material

    12mm Transparent High Strength Polycarbonate

  • Passage Width

    550 mm / 900 mm

  • Sensors

    99 Paris

  • Motor

    BLDC Servo Motor

  • MCBF

    ≧ 1,500,000 times

  • MTTR

    ≦ 30 Minutes


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