Swing Barrier Turnstile Gate

Swing Barrier Turnstile Gate | Glass Swing | CP-120 with smart sensor detection provides a smooth user experience for access control with the elegant design CP-120 glass swing gate is a new design of swing gate, through self-developed mechanical, electronic control, card reader to condense all kinds of technology in a slender body, without losing stability, but the overall visual is more lightweight, its body diameter of 121mm, a single can support the lane width of 1000 mm, and can be paired to form a 1500mm ultra-large lane, and combined with the Internet of Things and other functions end-users can more easily do management, which also provides a more flexible interface for system integrators to implement.

  • Swing Barrier Turnstile Gate | Glass Swing
  • Glass Swing Gate Turnstile CP-120 ( Black )
  • Glass Swing Turnstile CP-120



CP-120 is a standalone entrance control swing gate. Goosafe, with enthusiasm on mechanical, all the components required for the access control swing gate are integrated into the 121 mm cylinder. Usually,  entrance control glass swing gates are combined with card readers and other access control devices, but card readers and electric gates are mostly separate and must be installed elsewhere. The card reader can also be installed directly inside CP-120 cabinet, reducing unnecessary wiring and echoing the modern design concept of "simple design". The reduction of the wiring not only reduces the difficulty of construction but also reduces the sense of oppression visually, making the experience more natural and unobtrusive, as if the CP-120 access control swing turnstile gate itself is already a part of the building. Therefore, CP-120 is also a product of the new generation of gates of Goosafe, which is ready to be integrated with architectural design, intelligent building, building automation, and factory automation in terms of appearance, design, I / O, and safety mechanism.

User Experience

CP-120 access control glass swing turnstile gate can detect the direction of the user entering and exiting the gate through the sensor at the bottom, and judge the direction of opening the gate. In this era of the epidemic, the non-contact two-way gate can effectively protect the health of users and has a better experience than the one-way hand-push gate, no longer need to "pull the door open", "enter", "bring the door on" and a series of complicated actions, the user only needs to tap the card to pass, the rest of the actions will be completed automatically.

Security Features

With sensors formed detection network, cheat and fraud is not an option now.


Safety Features

Ensuring security without losing safety.

Safety Force Sensing
Safety Sound Alarm
Presence Sensing
Fire Emergency Auto-Unlock
Power Outage Auto-Unlock
Control Center Notifying

Controller & Interface

The smart controller supports several passage modes and various types of communication interfaces.

Logic Voltage DC 12 V
LCD panel for easier parameter settings
Support Controlled / Prohibited / Free modes
I / O ( dry contacts )
TCP / IP ( optional )

LED Indicator

LED indicators show the status of passage for users and will guide them through the gate.

    Passage is available ( front )
    Passage is unavailable ( front )

I / O Interface

Plenty of  I / O support various types of application and space planning.

Entry Input
Exit Input
Fire Alarm Input
Passage Completion Output
Tailgating Output
Wrong-way Output

Customizable Parameters

With the smart controller, parameters are simple to configure.

Opening Speed
Closing Speed


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