Parking Payment Kiosk RP-AP100

RP-AP100 Automatic Toll Collection Machine

RP-AP100 is used in toll parking lot-automatic toll payment area. It is set in the place where the driver must pass before picking up the car or a location convenient for the driver to pay. Retrieve the ticket card and payment voucher to provide automated, user-friendly and safe management of the parking lot. ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • RP-AP100 全自動收費機

Touch screen

This machine adopts a 15" touch control screen and Chinese voice to carry out automatic payment guidance instructions to guide the driver to complete the interactive payment operation.

Uniform numbers

Fully automatic payment machine, you can enter the company's unified number and print it on the unified invoice to facilitate the company's billing needs.

Coin expansion

The coin storage can store at least 500 coins and can be expanded to 1,000. When the change is insufficient or full, a signal will be transmitted to the central control computer.

High banknote recognition rate

With a banknote detector, it can collect NT$100 banknotes and reserve at least three or more. The input recognition of banknotes is non-directional, the banknote storage capacity can reach more than 800 sheets, and the banknote recognition rate is more than 95%.

Coin recognizer

It has a coin recognizer, a single input port, accepts 5, 10, 50 yuan coin sizes, and has automatic coin refund and coin split functions. The coin recognition rate must be at least 95%.

Extended patrol time

Two unified invoice machines can be installed. Insufficient invoices can be automatically switched to use, saving time for reinstalling invoices and prolonging the time of field tour.

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