Speed Gate (Swing)

In pursuit of a slim body and elegant design, Speed Gate (Swing) replaces Bi-Parting Speed Gate in the business area, office lobby. The impression of Speed Access Control is changing, it is not only an industrial product but building design material, it seamlessly integrated into the office without any sense of incongruity, which level-up the security, safety, and the high-class image of the building and internal design

Speed access barrier gate not only has an extremely thin and light body but also has advanced security features that can detect crawling, intrusion, tailgating, and other cheating behaviors.

Swing Gate

Glass Swing Access Control Gate provides large lane width, and passageway for a group of people to pass at the same time, Swing Gate not only verifies the pedestrian's identity but can also connect with AGV and AMR to integrate with building automation and factory automation.

The card reader can be installed directly inside the cabinet, reducing unnecessary wiring and echoing the modern design concept of "simple design". The reduction of the wiring not only reduces the difficulty of construction but also reduces the sense of oppression visually, making the experience more natural and unobtrusive, as if the access control swing turnstile gate itself is naturally a part of the building.

Speed Gate (Sector)

Bi-Parting Barrier Speed Gate is the one of the most popular access control turnstile gates, which is simple, fast and durable, suitable used for pedestrian control in high traffic flow area, eg. entry of MRT, subway, train station, mega factory, office lobby ... etc

Speed Gate (Rectangular)

EF Series, Rectangular Bi-Parting Speed Barrier Gate provide high traffic throughput and security at the same time. It is appropriate to install at airport and factory, which require higher security and traffic flow. EF Series Bi-Parting Speed Barrier Gate support maximum 1.8 m glass barrier can resist people from jump over the gate. It's mostly used in edge technology factory, eg. semiconductor fabs for protecting the confidential information.

Speed Gate ( Airport Dedicated )

Rectangular Bi-Paring Speed Gate provide high traffic and high security at the same time, with higher glass barrier

Tripod Turnstile

Tripod turnstiles, the easiest way to enhance the security of office lobby and factory entry, with its intrinsic design principle, tripod turnstile gates resist from tailgating and piggybacking, only a person can pass the gate at a time.

Full Height Turnstile

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