RT-300 / FT-300 ( Drop Arm )

RT-300 / FT-300 ( Drop Arm )

RT-300 is a set of microcomputer three-pronged personnel control machine with both exquisite and flexibility. It is specially designed to cooperate with the management system. It is placed at the entrance and exit of the control area. It can be used with the identification system, monitoring system, Online control of currency, ticket checking machine, card swiping machine and clock ‥. It is mainly used in low-level security control areas and is used with security guards or remote monitoring. The RT-300 three-pronged personnel control machine has a normally open / normally closed mode setting. If the operating mechanism is set to normally open mode, in this mode, the operating mechanism remains in a non-locked state, such as when a person trying to force or illegally enter , The machine will be automatically locked, increasing the traffic efficiency of the trigeminal machine. ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • 人員管制三叉機

Traffic mode

Two-way traffic is controlled by the control panel, and the following modes can be set independently for each direction:
•Control mode (the lever is closed, it will open only after receiving the verified signal)
• Prohibition mode (stop lever closed, no traffic)
• Free mode (the lever is open, free passage)

Power failure state (Lever drop mechanism FT series)

In the event of a power failure, the blocking lever will automatically fall. When the door is opened, when the power is restored, it can be manually pulled back to automatically lock, and the blocking lever will switch back to the original control mode.

Normally open and normally closed mode (factory default is normally open)

As long as the "normally closed mode setting" is set on the control panel of the tripod machine (the electromagnet device must be adjusted), this mode will send instructions to the electric lock, so that when the machine is powered off, the door will be locked and traffic is prohibited.

Traffic sign

When the channel indicator on the front of the trigeminal personnel control machine is green, it means that the channel is allowed to be used. When the signal turns red, it means that the channel is not allowed to be used. When abnormal, the channel indicator will flash in red.

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