Vehicle Detector-Double Coil (Taiwan-made)

Vehicle Detector-Double Coil (Taiwan-made)

This detector is a product specially designed for lane control and vehicle or metal sensing. ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • 車輛偵測器-雙線圈(台製)
• It can be used as two sets of separate loop vehicle detectors or a set of direction logic discrimination detectors.
• Two independent detection circuits are placed in the same unit.
• It can be compatible with any kind of wireless remote control and remote control system, and can also be used to control the fence machine or the iron rolling door separately.
• The external DIP switch can select eight levels of detection sensitivity.
• There are two-color independent high-brightness diode indicators outside the detector, which can individually display the power supply and coil status or fault conditions.
• If the coil returns to a normal state after a failure, it does not need to be restarted (RESET), and it can automatically return to the normal detection state. There is also a reset switch (RESET) to manually force restart.
• On the front panel of the detector, there are four coil frequency selection switches (20~80KHz) which can be individually set and adjusted to prevent crosstalk.
• The length of the detection coil can be up to 500 meters.

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