The full height revolving door turnstile gate is a high-level access control security product, although the speed of passage is not fast, due to its own mechanism design, only one person is allowed to pass at a time, which is a good solution to the tailgating problem common in other access control devices, and can effectively prevent people from crossing the fence. It is very suitable for entrances and exits of companies, ticket offices of attractions, etc. It is very effective in managing people coming in and out and greatly reduces the possibility of people sneaking in. Goosafe's full height revolving door is a product completed through our long experience in institutional design. The RH1 full-height revolving door is suitable for installation at the entrance and exit of controlled areas. It can be connected to identification systems, surveillance systems, card readers ...... etc. to carry out one-way or two-way access control. Personnel fulfill the identification procedure and push the revolving door according to the indication of the traffic signal. Complete legal access. RH1 series has an outdoor open design with light signals to indicate traffic. Whenever it rotates 120 degrees, it automatically locks to prevent personnel from following.

  • Full-Height Revolving Turnstile Gate
  • Fullheight Revolving Turnstile Gate
  • Fullheight Revolving Turnstile Gate
  • Fullheight Revolving Turnstile Gate
  • Fullheight Revolving Turnstile Gate

Excellent performance

• Channel size: 650mm / 750mm, optional according to requirements.
• Platform with card reader device (please confirm before installation).
• Parameter-style function settings can be selected according to environmental requirements.
• Single independent electric lock, two-way control design, to achieve the lowest power consumption.
• Adopt hydraulic balance automatic positioning design, no need to use motor power.
• With lighting, light indication and warning sound effects, it is convenient to guide passers-by.
• Outdoor body design, made of SUS-304 stainless steel material, and the whole frame is modularized design.
Convenient for packing, transportation and on-site assembly.

Smart Microcomputer Controller

• In/out signal input
• Fire alarm/free pass signal input
• Pass complete signal output
• Abnormal status warning
• LED channel indicator, showing channel status
• LED traffic indicator lights to show traffic status
• Two-way / one-way use mode setting
• Control/prohibition/free passage mode setting
• RS-485 connection interface
• TCP/IP network connection (optional)
• Channel control box (optional)

The Most Specified Airport Security Flap Gate

AG-1280 with elegant design can well integrate into the modern architecture interior design, not only elevate the classy atmosphere of the total environment, and can well integrate with smart building and building automation solutions

The Flap Barrier With The Soul

RH-1 also takes the safety mechanism to the extreme and can sense whether the user is caught through the resistance and feedback force between the barrier panel and the motor, and release the barrier panel in an instant. With the safety warning sound, warning lights to alert users of the machine's passage states, to reduce unnecessary errors. Through multiple sensors to sense the position of the user in the gate of the gate, so that the gate will not be mistakenly clamped user error. In addition, the AG-1280 is equipped with fire alarm unlocking and power failure unlocking functions, so that the gate can be manually activated even in case of emergency.


With sensors formed detection network, cheat and fraud is not an option now.



Ensuring security without losing safety.

Safety Force Sensing
Safety Sound Alarm
Presence Sensing
Fire Emergency Auto-Unlock
Power Outage Auto-Unlock
Control Center Notifying

Controller & Interface

The smart controller supports several passage modes and various types of communication interface.

Logic Voltage DC 12 V
LCD panel for easier parameter settings
Support Controlled / Prohibited / Free modes
I / O ( dry contacts )
TCP / IP ( optional )

LED Indicator

LED indicators show the status of passage for users and will guide them through the gate.

    Passage is available ( front )
    Passage is unavailable ( front )
    Card reading is available ( top )
    Card reading is unavailable ( top )

I / O Interface

Plenty of  I / O support various types of application and space planning.

Entry Input
Exit Input
Fire Alarm Input
Passage Completion Output
Tailgating Output
Wrong-way Output
Crawling Output

Customizable Parameters

With the smart controller, parameters are simple to configure.

Opening Speed
Closing Speed


Technical Specification

  • Power

    110 ~ 220 Vac, 50/60 Hz

  • Dimension

    1280 ( L ) X 255 / 435 ( W ) X 1345 ( H ) mm

  • Chassis Material

    Brushed SUS-304 Stainless Steel

  • Barrier Material

    12mm Transparent High Strength Polycarbonate

  • Passage Width

    550 / 900 mm

  • Sensors

    74 Paris

  • Motor

    BLDC Servo Motor

  • MCBF

    ≧ 1,500,000 times

  • MTTR

    ≦ 30 Minutes


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