RP-CV license plate recognition

RP-CV license plate recognition

RP-CV License Plate Recognition is a license plate recognition management system specially developed for parking lot operation and management. It integrates cloud management and control capabilities and software and equipment. Through the central control management computer, it controls the camera to detect, and is perfect for automated lane control fences or electric rolling door equipment Combined, effectively increase the efficiency of parking lot entry and exit. ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • RP-CV 車牌辨識
  • RP-CV 車牌辨識

Image Format

The storage format is JPEG.

Recognition rate

Under normal environment use, the recognition accuracy rate is over 95%.


The system uses SQL database to facilitate cloud management.

System operation

The system operates 24 hours a day, and has both 16-lane image monitoring and license plate recognition functions.

Management method

Through network FTP management, each station's working computer can query and view the admission pictures in real time.

Identify the vehicle type

It can identify the license plate numbers of all domestic vehicle types and different formats; including, small passenger cars, taxis, small trucks, buses, large trucks, and connecting cars.

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