CPA09001641N Anti-collision strip (fluorescent) 90cm

CPA09001641N Anti-collision strip (fluorescent) 90cm

Anti-collision strip (fluorescent) 90cm elastic strip, with soft elasticity, abrasion resistance, non-aging and non-cracking characteristics, thermoplastic, elastic plastic mixed and extruded. Its size can be made according to customer requirements. ※Products are subject to actual shipments, catalog pictures are standard models

  • CPA09001641N防撞條(螢光)90cm

• Fixed base: extruded aluminum alloy and anodized.
• Fixing method: 6mm×40mm expansion screw or gunpowder nail or air gun nail.
• Fluorescent strip: integrally formed with the rubber strip without falling off.
• Edge-receiving cover: plastic material with impact resistance and no cracking is injection molded.

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