Slimmest Speed Gates | Revolutionizing Access Control

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Speed Gate SFZ-120

Slimmest Speed Gates SFZ-120 | Revolutionizing Access Control

Speed Gate is the latest advancements in access control. It has revolutionized the way security is provided for commercial and other large organizations. They allow users to have more convenient access to restricted areas than with regular security gates without compromising on the security provided.


The technology behind Speed Gate is the use of a special camera mounted on the turnstile that detects when a person, vehicle or other object is approaching the turnstile gate. If the object is detected, it triggers a small switch which opens and closes the gate. This makes access very fast and convenient. A separate camera and control module is used to detect people and objects, respectively. These separate components make sure that a person or an animal is detected even when a security guard is present at the gate. For added security, separate alarms are also available to sound off when an unauthorized person tries to enter.


The primary reason why security gates are used in large organizations like airports and hospitals is the convenience provided to the employees and patients. If they had to wait in line at the bank to get into the building or if they had to wait for long periods in an airport, they would definitely not be satisfied with the security provided. This is exactly where the convenience provided by speed gates come in. Airport gates and hospitals are two places where customers want quick access and are always on the look out for speedy services. The availability of turnstiles at the entrance makes it possible for them to reach in and out within a few minutes.

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