What is the difference between channel management devices

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What is the difference between channel management devices

Access management gates can be seen everywhere in daily life, such as: the gate of the factory, the entrances and exits of the community, the guest room access of the hotel, and the entrances and exits of the most common subway stations. There are many, many fields that are managed by smart channel management devices. Among the many channel management devices, do you know the differences between them! Next, Zhongyang Machinery will take a look at the characteristics of these management channel gates with you?

First, let's first understand what an intelligent wing gate is, and how does it realize intelligent management of wing gates!

The shape of the wing gate is a variety of gorgeous appearance, and the materials used are also different. Commonly used are 204 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel; the default is (304 stainless steel). The structure of the wing gate is composed of chassis, movement, military-grade encoder, infrared sensor detection, controller and other software. It can also expand various applications based on user needs; such as fingerprint access control, face recognition access control, palm recognition, and QR code recognition. Its human intelligence and humanity is reflected in the infrared/mechanical dual anti-pinch function. When a pedestrian is passing, the infrared detects a pedestrian in the middle, the telescopic arm will not close the gate, and the telescopic arm will automatically close after the pedestrian walks away. When it encounters obstacles in the process, it will automatically bounce back or the motor will automatically stop working within the specified time, and the strength is very small, and a sound and light alarm signal will be issued at the same time.

The quick closing gate is also called the swing gate, which is a form of swinging the gate before and after to manage the access restrictions or the way of passage of personnel. The quick clearance door not only has all the characteristics of the wing gate, but also enhances some of its own products. The characteristics of fast door opening and closing are as follows: 1. The opening and closing time can be up to 0.2 seconds. The faster the speed, the more people will enter and exit. Of course, this is adjustable. Customize the opening and closing time according to the needs of users. 2. Quick clearance gate The swing gate is made of 10mm thick tempered glass, which is not tight and has a gorgeous appearance, and the gate runs smoothly and is super quiet.

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