Specific equipment of parking lot management system

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Specific equipment of parking lot management system

Zhongyang parking lot management system equipment

As people's lives improve, many families choose to buy cars and go out for fun. The rapid increase of cars is followed by the shortage of parking spaces. During the Golden Tourism Week, parking is difficult to become a part of life. At this time, the parking lot needs a management system to manage it, which can reduce manual workload and also work well Make full use of the space in the parking lot without waste of resources.

One of the reasons why the license plate recognition parking lot system is so popular is to speed up the speed of people entering and leaving the parking lot. Because of its special function, it is currently used by people in all parking lots of various sizes. So when buying a license plate recognition parking lot system, which aspects should be considered? What are the core equipment? The license plate recognition parking lot system and ordinary parking lot system are roughly the same in composition, but the license plate recognition parking lot system has equipment requirements Will be higher.

First of all, an important factor in the license plate recognition parking lot system is the recognition rate. Some people judge the quality of the equipment from the recognition rate. In fact, this is a very unscientific method. The recognition rate is not only related to the problem of the device itself, but also related to the environment of the parking lot. The impact of the environment on the recognition rate may sometimes exceed the factor of the device itself. Therefore, to solve this problem, the license plate recognition parking lot must not only be equipped with a high-definition license plate recognition camera , And install some supplementary light equipment according to the site conditions to increase its recognition effect.

Secondly, the important feature of the license plate recognition parking lot system is the fast passing speed. Therefore, compared with the card parking system, the barrier must use the fast intelligent barrier, and the fast barrier will have higher requirements for the movement of the barrier. Its stability is stronger.

How to choose a good parking lot configuration?

Choosing a good parking system configuration can not only extend the service life of the parking system, but also increase the revenue of the parking lot and alleviate people's parking problems.

At present, as the problem of parking difficulties continues to spread, the parking industry is becoming more and more sought after, and the parking management system has also evolved from product competition to brand competition to market competition. For enterprises, in the face of such fierce competition, if they want to survive, they must master their own core technology. The performance of the parking system must be excellent. Of course, if they want to get a share of this industry, user experience is indispensable.

For parking safety and convenience, in addition to investigating the strength of equipment manufacturers, many property selections also pay attention to the function and quality of the products, because this is also an important factor related to the length of the service life of the parking system. If you cannot choose the parking system suitable for your use according to the on-site situation, serious management problems will also occur after installation. When the traffic volume is large, the entrance and exit will cause serious congestion problems, and some equipment does not support offline use. Therefore, when the parking lot has power failure or equipment failure, the entire parking system will be paralyzed, causing parking lot management serious problem.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, parking lot equipment companies need to spend more time and effort to design the appearance of products and develop some new and more advanced functions in order to meet the requirements of users. In addition, the hardware and equipment of the current parking lot system are basically the same in terms of working principles. Manufacturers need to start from the software to improve, and develop around enabling car owners to have a better parking experience.

Nowadays, many high-techs are gradually integrated into people’s lives, and parking companies have gradually developed some new functions relying on high-tech. One of its obvious features is that it can be unattended, so that car owners and parking lot managers can enjoy it. Parking and management. At present, many parking lots have implemented such functions, and at the same time, real-time sharing of parking lot data is realized by using the Internet function, so that car owners and parking lot managers can quickly understand the usage of parking spaces in the parking lot, so that car owners have parking spaces to park. Relieve congestion.

If the parking industry wants to survive this market wave, it must win the follow-up long-term development with brand strength and good user experience, further improve its product quality, and provide comprehensive services. This is also the core of the future development of all parking companies.

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