Swing Gates CP-120 - New Product

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Swing Gate Turnstile

The modern Glass Swing Gate comes in a variety of sizes to suit all terminal needs. The turnstiles are available in three main types, namely, light, medium as well as heavy-duty. All three types of turnstiles meet the requirements of the airport authority as well as the international airport operator to grant access. The turnstiles are also available in different shapes. The most popular turnstiles are those that come equipped with sensors and are capable of automatically lowering and raising when raised or lowered by an airbag.


The modern Glass Swing Gate has been designed to meet the most stringent International Airport Traffic Control standards. The turnstiles provide easy and rapid entry and exit for all travelers and cargo. The turnstiles are installed above or on top of the existing airport structure, without affecting its structural integrity. The modern Glass Swing Gate proves to be the best alternative to the traditional turnstile system, especially for busy or high-volume air traffic at airports. The e-gate turns into a fully automated system with the installation of sensors and additional lighting.


These turnstiles are available with a choice of either patio or fixed height, providing flexibility for both the airport and the operator. The installation of these turnstiles is made by the presence of a toll-free call center at the base of the gate. The operator can use the toll-free number to contact the installation contractor or may personally visit the site to install the turnstiles. Installation is done by licensed and trained personnel.

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