Access control system introduction

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Access control system introduction

Introduction to Access Control System

The access control system is also called the access control-access control system. It is a highly intelligent, real-time control and offline access monitoring and alarm management security system. Each authorized user holds a non-contact IC card, and the cardholder will enter the relevant door according to the authorization obtained. The system realizes the alarm function by fortifying the specific management area (alarm status). The system automatically reads the card time, door opening information, card holder, alarm information and other data for query and statistical processing and generates various reports. It is used in modern office buildings, banks, factories, computer rooms, intelligent communities, etc.

Access control system composition

The access control system generally includes 3 levels of equipment. The ground floor is the equipment that directly interacts with personnel, such as card readers, electronic locks, and exit buttons. They are used to accept the information input by personnel, and then convert them into electrical signals and send them to the controller. At the same time, they lock the work according to the signals from the controller. The controller accepts the information about the personnel sent by the bottom device, compares it with the information stored by itself to make a judgment, and then sends out the processed information. A single controller can form a simple access control system to manage one or several doors. Multiple controllers are connected to the computer through the communication network to form the access control system of the entire building. The computer is equipped with the management software of the access control system, which manages the analysis and processing of the information in the system.

Access control system features

1. Stability: product performance is stable and reliable, which is mainly reflected in long-term trouble-free operation.

2. Anti-interference: reasonable circuit design, professional wiring connections, strong resistance to interference from external factors such as electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic waves, and lightning.

3. Convenience: The operation is simple, fast and convenient when the personnel apply for legal passage through the entrance and exit. The operation interface of the staff for the daily maintenance and management of the entire system is intuitive, simple and friendly.

4. Compatibility and openness: Under the condition of ensuring the stable operation of the access control system, the control host can be connected to a variety of card readers. The system has good flexibility and scalability, and can take into account the project budget and project implementation requirements.

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