June 2019

At the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall: Safety Expo exhibited new parking barriers such as parking barriers, parking pillars and parking barriers dedicated automatic payment machines. Exhibition booth 1201 in L area.

Sep 2018

Participated in the Security Essen 2018 in Essen, Germany.

June 2018

Participated in the International London Security Exhibition at the end of June.

April 2018

At the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall: Safety Expo exhibited new facial recognition switches, GMR-918 MRT, AG-2000 customs machine, and KA-130 parking barriers. 3201, L area, booth.

March 2018

At Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall: 2018 Smart City Exhibition Xintong shuts down, AG-2000 face recognition system. Exhibition booth 1116 in L area.

January 2018

Participate in the International Dubai Exhibition and once again penetrate into the Middle East, Europe... and other Southeast Asian markets.

December 2017

Participated in the Taipei International Building Materials and Products Exhibition for the first time at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, with fruitful results.

October 2017

Obtained the new ISO9001:2015 quality certification system and strengthened the formulation process of the company's departmental management documents.

June 2017

GMR-918 announced the shutdown of high-performance MRT.

April 2017

On the fourth floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, participating in the international security exhibition Secutech, high-quality products attract the attention of international buyers.

January 2017

Participate in the international Dubai exhibition to attract customers from the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

November 2016

Nangang Exhibition Hall participates in the international security exhibition Secutech, producing high, stable and high-quality products.

July 2016

SF-160 speed pass door product launch conference.

April 2016

GT-308, GT-312 communication shutdown product launch conference.

February 2016

KP-900 chain gate machine product launch conference.

June 2015

The new factory in Taiwan was completed and named as Yuanfu Factory. As a difference from the existing Zhongyang factory, Zhongyang's production capacity was improved.

April 2015

In 2015 Secutech showcased the new cylindrical swing gates, and the Kaohsiung office in Taiwan began operations.

December 2014

Participated in 4 international exhibitions, won the appreciation of customers from various countries, and further penetrated into the markets of the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia.

March 2014

In 2014 Secutech showcased the new flap door.

May 2013

Participated in the 2013 Secutech Taipei International Security Exhibition, exhibiting parking equipment systems in different languages, new styles of titanium-plated power switches and pole-dropping three-prong machines, etc., which attracted the attention of guests at once.

April 2012

Participated in the 2012 Secutech Taipei International Security Exhibition, launched the AP200 new parking management system series and GR-715 intelligent gates, which received enthusiastic responses from customers.

October 2011

Participated in the 2011 World Smart Parking Asia Exhibition in Beijing and the 13th China International Social Public Safety Expo CPSE in Shenzhen to further expand operations in the Mainland.

August 2011

The headquarters of Shanghai Zhongyang Trading Co., Ltd. was established to serve mainland customers.

April 2011

Participated in the 2011 International Security Exhibition, high-quality products have attracted many international buyers.

January 2011

With the upgrading of Taipei County to New Taipei City, further expansion of export sales. Cultivate talents.

October 2010

Established the "GOOSAFE" brand, specializing in export sales.

April 2010

Participated in the 2010 Secutech Taipei International Security Exhibition, exhibiting a new type of switch.

July 2009

Passed ISO9001:2008 international quality certification.

May 2009

The R&D team successfully developed a fully automatic parking lot management system.

January 2009

Expansion of export sales and stepping into the international market.

October 2008

Import ERP system to improve management efficiency, and introduce CNC automatic processing equipment.

February 2008

The new factory's construction photos and planning were completed and officially opened.

December 2006

Complete the design of the new plant and start construction.

April 2005

Purchase land on Zhonghua Road, Tucheng City, Taipei County, and plan to establish a new factory to respond to the expansion of production scale and provide a good and comfortable environment for employees.

January 2002

Acting for European access control equipment products to provide customers with more options.

November 1998

Moved the factory to Mingde Road, Tucheng City, Taipei County.

May 1995

R&D, design and production of access control equipment products.

June 1994

The factory was founded in Xizhi City, Taipei County, specializing in the production of parking lot equipment.

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