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  Entry Station

parking entry station

Parking entry station EN-200 is set up at entrance of parking lot.

Car detector will start the entry station when vehicles enter induction area. System will start voice messages and LCD screen to guide drivers. Temporary parking drivers can press button to receive Parking Token.

Monthly parking card users only have to tap Parking card to induction area. All equipments are internet-connected to control the parking lot. Stations has stand-alone mode. System can operate on its own when system is offline. Data will be saved and send back to Central Management System after internet reconnected.

Ticket Dispenser

Data can rewrite into card, and data won’t be demagnetized by external influences.
Entry Station can install single / double ticket holder and can hold up to 700 / 1400 tickets. The system will auto shift to the other ticket holder, when one ticket holder is empty. Traffic warden doesn’t need refill the ticket holder all the time. Double ticket holder is an option for parking lot demand.
There is a shutter system designed in the slot to protect machine. The shutter design can prevent small objects intrude and provide anti-water and anti-dust to machine.
System can retrieve ticket when a car didn’t enter the parking lot.
Ticket dispensed mechanism adopt stainless composite track for continuous high speed dispensing.
Managers can set up auto or push-button ticket dispensed mode. Process of ticket dispensing takes less than 1 second.
  Parking Card / Token  
Philips chips ensure the quality of our parking card and tokens. The tokens are OD=30mm and 3mm thickness.
Environmental protection tokens are reusable up to 100,000 times, and also reduce cost.
  LCD Screen Instruction and Voice Message  
High quality LCD screen, the display will not be influenced by light, words are clear and easy to read.
Screen instructions and voice message to guide drivers to enter the parking lot. System will play voice message. (Welcome, please push button, the parking lot is full, please wait, and please take the ticket…etc.).
Screen will show operation messages (monthly card number, ticket expire, and repeat-use ticket.) and system will play voice message when driver put monthly card to the induction area.
  Monthly Parking Card Induction (Option)  
Drivers put monthly card to induction area, then systems will check if card is expired or not, and send parking record back to Central Management System.
Managers can set up control rules on Central Management System (Entry and exit control, open hours, open days and expired day.) and transfer data to monthly rented management system. If customer doesn’t extend an overdue card, system will make the ticket invalid. This can savess traffic warden time to check data.
The system will use voice messages and instructions on screen to guide drivers. (Repeat-use cards, ticket expire, and parking at wrong area.)

  Micro unit CPU  
Our system use industrial CPU to design our control module.
TCP/IP(Ethernet) interface, and connection without interference.
Station can operate on its own when the system is offline. The system will save data and send back to CMS when internet is connected again. If system is power failure, memory can store 200,000 data over 5 years.
Managers can change system parameters immediately from Central Management System. Central Management System can restrict operation level to prevent an unauthorized person changing the setting.
System can restart working in 10 seconds when unexpected power failure or restart PC
  Alert and Monitoring  
Central Management System will display alert messages with sound alarm when system disconnect.
Entry station can send an error message for shortage of tickets or system failure.
Parking lot can show parking space amount on parking space displayer by RS-485.
Entry station has a test button to examine ticket dispensing and retrieve function.
System will auto retrieve invalid cards, and those invalid cards can not be used to pay.
The barrier will close by setting time if the driver has taken the ticket but didn’t enter the parking lot.
Central Management System can set up to count the monthly card parking space or not when the parking lot is full.
Logic board has LED light to show the status. Engineer can find out the problem in a short time.
System will auto check all the time. Technician can find out the problem from alarm sound.
Power : AC110 / 220V , 50 / 60Hz, 1PH
Power consumption : 80W
Operation temperature : 0℃~55℃
(Option: heater for frigid zone)
Operation relative moisture : 85% RH (no dew)
Ship or storage temperature : 0℃~ 55℃
Dimension: L445 X W400 X H1520mm
(Rain cover) L565 X W400 X H1520mm
Height of ticket slot : 900mm
Net Weight : 65 kg
Certification : ISO 9001 / CE

Cabinet coating with 0.15mm thickness a hybrid system of epoxy and polyester resin. 2.0mm high strength steel weatherproof 4 doors cabinet.
Anti-snow and anti-water rain cover. (Option)
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